Ilion Studios

Dear visitor,

Our Appartments / Studios “ILION” in Skala Potamias, in Thassos, reopened at the 15/06/2020. We are here once more to offer you excellent accommodation experiences. We believe that it is important to divulge with you the measures we take in order to ensure the health and security in our facilities, adhering to NPHO (National Public Health Organization) health protocols.

Infrastructure and Amenities:

·       Antiseptic disinfectant for visitors located at the accommodation entrance as well as at communal areas.

·       Frequent disinfection of furniture at the reception area.

·       In the entrance there will be a board with all the instructions about our prevention plan for COVID 19.

·       The accommodation is equipped with brochures and leaflets with useful information for visitors.

·       In case of an emergency, a medical kit including gloves, masks, antiseptic disinfectants, cleaning wipes, aprons, long-sleeved robes and laser thermometers is readily available.

·       The keys are disinfected during the client’s departure.

Cleanliness, disinfection, rooms and common areas housekeeping:

·       After the client’s departure, the rooms are cleaned thoroughly, placing emphasis particularly on touch points such as doorknobs, switches, bedside tables etc.

·       The daily cleaning routine of the rooms as well as the changing of bed linen and towels is effectuated after a customer’s request by notifying the reception from the previous day or upon arrival.


·       Our personnel is equipped with every piece of necessary protective equipment.

·       Our personnel has been trained adequately and appropriately concerning NPHO health protocols as well as concerning management of possible events.

Modification of arrival and departure times:

To ensure the best possible cleanliness and disinfection of your room between departures and arrivals, as required by law, we will like to inform you that we have modified the arrival and departure times of our customers as follows:

Arrival: 16:00 – 00:00.

Departure: 10:00 am at the latest

Accommodation records and event log: The accommodation management keeps a record of all personnel members and of every individual that stayed in the room (name, nationality, day of arrival and departure, address, telephone number, email).

·       Provided attention and security as far the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is concerned is in place.

Medical support for visitors:

We cooperate with an external medical practitioner in order to handle any possible Covid – 19 event.

General information:

·       Access to the room to individuals that do not reside there is prohibited.

·       Unnecessary contact and exposure is avoidable.

·       Touching your nose, eyes and mouth is also avoidable.

·       We cover your mouth with our elbow every time we sneeze and cough.

·       We keep a distance of at least one meter from the person located next to us.

We value every visitor that honors us with their presence in our hotel.

Your sincerely,

Varvara Mavrena.